John Leach

I'm a freelance software consultant, born in the United Kingdom, and now living in Italy. A long time ago I had a site (now sadly defunct) where I displayed a series of Java Applets, and where I put some information about Verona, the city where I live. I'll find some time and the old HTML pages so that I can put some of that information back on-line.

The weather

One of the benefits of living in Italy is that we enjoy some wonderful weather, as you can see in the photographs below:

Lake Garda

I live close to lake Garda, in the north of Italy. One fine winter's day in 2001, while at the top of Monte Baldo, I took a series of photographs of the lake, and then joined then together. This is the result:
Click on the image to see the full scale version, but be warned it is 5840 x 920 pixels, and 911KB in size.